Placements — Highlights

Red Sparrow (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - "Fur Elise" (Sound Design)

2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics (Promo)
JAXSON GAMBLE - "Taste for Gold"

UFC Road To The Octagon 26 (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Tim Halperin - "Breakout"

I Am Elizabeth Smart (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens feat. Josh Bruce Williams - "Slipping"

Ten Days In The Valley (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - "What Will Be"

Ten Days In The Valley (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. REMMI - "Stay Alive"

Somewhere Between (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Keeley Bumford - "NoWhere To Run"

Somewhere Between (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Keeley Bumford - "Immortalized"

UFC Road To The Octagon 25 (TV)
Tim Halperin x Hidden Citizens - "Warpath"

Catfish Season 6(TV)
The Soorleys - "The Time Song"

Verizon Credo Video (Commercial)
Tim Halperin - "Something Beautiful"

Call of Duty Black Ops III Zombie Chronicles (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - "I Ran (So Far Away)"

The Catch (Promo)
Desert Belle - "Catch Me If You Can"

Aftermath (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - “Ain't No Grave”

Collateral Beauty (Trailer)
Lights & Motion - “Home”

Shameless Season 7 (TV)
The Blank Tapes - “Holy Roller”

Shameless Season 7 (TV)
JAXSON GAMBLE - “Wild Thing”

The Girl on The Train (UK Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - “Somebody's Watching Me”

America's Got Talent Season 11 (TV)
Hidden Citizens - “I Ran”

Odd Mom Out Season 2 (TV)
Brett - "Golden"

Zoo Season 2 (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Tim Halperin - “Hungry Like The Wolf

Castle Finale (Promo)
Klez - “Here Right Now”

The Originals (TV)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

Dancing With The Stars (Promo)
Elex - “Something In The Air”

New Girl (TV)
The Blank Tapes - “1000 Leather Tassels”, “Double Rainbow”

Criminal Minds - Australia (Int’l Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

States of Undress: China - VICE (TV)
The Shanghai Restoration Project - “In a Faraway Place” and "The Schoolboy"

Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce (TV)
Stateless - “Bloodstream”

Gotham Season 2 (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Tim Halperin - “Hungry Like The Wolf”

Teenwolf (TV)
Hidden Citizens - “I Ran”

Quantico (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “I Think We’re Alone Now”

Bates Motel (TV)
Midlake - “Bandits”

Containment (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

Secret & Lies Season 2 (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “ I Ran”

KFC (Commercial)
Sons Of Jezebel - “Whoo Boy”

Nashville (TV)
Holy Folk - “How Many Ways”
Don Gallardo - “Bluebird”

Mission Impossible : Fallout (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens "Symphony No.5"

Lucifer Season 3 (TV)
JAXSON GAMBLE - "Reckless"

Marvel Sizzel Reel (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Sam Tinnesz "Ready For This"

Seal Team One (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - "Land of Confusion"

Atomic Blonde (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - "I Ran (So Far Away)"

NCIS LA Season 8 Finale (TV)
Tim Halperin - "Forever Starts Today"

Still Star Crossed (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"

The Catch (Promo)
Viv and the Revival - "Hurricane"

Noisey Behind The Scene Presented by Belvedere (Commercial)
2nd Sun - "Come Home"

Sleepless (Film)
Steven Cooper - “Louder”

Shawdowhunters Season 2 (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

Survivor's Remorse (TV)
Darrell Cole - “Take Me Away”

Hollyoaks (TV)
Tim Halperin - “Only Love”

Dancing with the Stars (Promo)
Tim Halperin - “Dance”

Secret and Lies Season 2 (Summer 2016 Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “I Ran”

Leftovers Season 2
Hidden Citizens - “I Ran”

I Am Watching You (Film)
ALL WALLS - The Spider Feat. GRETA

Parexel (Commercial)
Kim Edwards - Blue

Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

Mitsubishi - Brazil (Int’l Commercial)
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies - Throwback Man

Graceland (TV)
Con Brio - Kiss The Sun

Follow The Rules (TV)
Steven Cooper - Paid Dues

Blood & Oil (Promo)
Hidden Citizens feat. Tim Halperin - “Hungry Like The Wolf”

The Whispers (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

A Light Beneath Their Feet (Film)
The Blues and Greys - New Shores

Ferrarini (Commercial)
Robin Bacior - Kind Of Light

Looking (TV)
Candyland - “Let’s Get Wild”

Samsung Social Campaign (Commercial)
ill.gates Feat. Opiuo + Vent - TriLLogy

A Deadly Adoption (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - “Silent Running”

Budweiser (Commercial)
The Blues and Greys - “New Shores”

Alone Together (TV)
Vesperteen - "Shatter IN The Night"

Alone Together (TV)
Jets Overhead - "Boredom and Joy"

Nashville Season 6 (TV)
Farewell Milwaukee - "Till We're Afraid"

The Ranch Season 4 (TV)
Don Gallardo - "Diamonds & Gold"

The Ranch Season 4 (TV)
Farewell Milwaukee - "Soaked By The Rain"

E-Sports Rocket League (Promo)
JAXSON GAMBLE - "Reckless"

Joe Fresh (Commercial)
"Piney Gir - Every Day's a Holiday"

Dallas Cowboys (Promo)
Hidden Citizens - "Tried and True"

Dice Season 2 (TV)

Somewhere Between (Promo)
JAXSON GAMBLE - "Man On The Run"

America's Got Talent Season 12 (TV)
Hidden Citizens "I Ran (So Far Away)"

Pacquiao vs Horn Fight - Boxing (Promo)

Dark Avenger 3 (Trailer)
Hidden Citizens - "Paint it Black"

The Challenge Season 29 (TV)

The Challenge Season 29 (TV)

Sneaky Pete (TV)
Breakestra - “Take My Time"

The Voice UK (TV)
Tim Halperin - "Forever Starts Today”

The Real World Season 32 (TV)
JAXSON GAMBLE - "Won't Go Down Easy”

America's Got Talent Season 11 Finale (TV)
Hidden Citizens - "(I Just) Died In Your Arms”

Levi's: 501 Skinny Campaign (Commercial)
The Hounds Below - "Hey Kids!”

Levi's: Orange Tab Campaign (Commercial)
Brett - "Golden”

Levi's: Shaping Campaign (Commercial)
The Soorleys - "Saw You Dancing”

Grey’s Anatomy (Promo)
Alyx - “Fever’s Burning Up”
Tim Halperin and Macy Maloy - “Too Close”

The Biggest Loser (TV)
Tim Halperin - “Cross That Line”

Loitering With Intent (Trailer)
Cadillac Angels - Feel Like Rockin

Subaru (Commercial)
Bingo - “So Moved”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (Film and Soundtrack)
A Boy and His Kite - “Cover Your Tracks”

Canon (Commercial)
Magicat - “Magicat”

Avatar Famestars (Video Game)
Brian Wayy - “On The Go”

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (Film)
Don Gallardo - “Broken”

Kinect Training (Video Game)
The Hounds Below - “For You And I”

Parenthood (TV)
Yael Meyer - “Shed Your Fear

Vampire Diaries (TV)
Don Gallardo - “Days Long Gone”

Chicago Fire (TV)
Little Scout - Right Now We Are Here”

Trouble With The Curve (Film)
Jets Overhead - “Beach Dream”

Ecco MIND (commercial)
Taylor Thrash - “Oh Hello”

Last Call With Carson Daly (TV)
The Blank Tapes
The Shanghai Restoration Project

Suits (TV)
The Deer Tracks - “The Smallest Cube”, “1000 Vanda Kinder”

Google (Commercial)
Unwed Sailor - “Jubilee”